Bed of thorns

My tears became my personal lullaby The nights you weren't around I laid up with a slight chance of you Coming to keep me awake Your absence and lonely nights I didn't know what to do anymore The one person i forever need Is the one who abandoned me to leave me drowning in my … Continue reading Bed of thorns


Thoughts from the Campfire

Sitting at the fire sight Everyone swaying left and right Singing How Great is Our God I can’t relate Sitting there catching ash in my hair Hugging and breathing into my sweatshirt I feel so unaware Of who is around me What is happening I see flames and my blood goes cold Playing church I … Continue reading Thoughts from the Campfire


Back home I find myself holding her hand, she walks in front of me to pull her keys out to her apartment. Lights on, everything in place to jump into pajamas and cuddle on the couch. She welcomes me in for tea and late night snacks. As shy as I am, she sees my hesitation … Continue reading Shy

Bedtime Stories

My dad always told me before bed to get on my knees, close my eyes and to say my prayers. Now when I go to pray, the moment my eyes close I see her. She touched my chin and kissed me from above. She told me “it will be okay”and she tasted like heaven. The … Continue reading Bedtime Stories

A Sinner’s New Clothes

A sinner like me Fell in love with angels Their innocence, their fears and their shelter I wanted for it to all come crashing Suck their prayers out of them Bury their forgiveness in my soul For I have fallen My angels... please do not pray for me Let me down Finders keepers and your … Continue reading A Sinner’s New Clothes

But When…

I just want to live in a word where being who I am isn’t a a crime. Nicole Smith @sincerelyynicole 07/29/2018 5:12PM

Skin I’m In.

I have never felt this way before At a young age anxiety was engraved in me At a young age, my dad shook in their presence My mom became oblivious to the scene Of past history and history repeating These days, we still die for no reason We stay innocent and out of sight Live … Continue reading Skin I’m In.